Family Products and Services

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.  What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything.”  Aaron Siskind

Family Portraits, whether they are yearly holiday photos, major family milestones, or just the little moments in between, are some of the most treasured and prized processions we will ever have.  We’ll never get this day back, we’ll never get those twinkling eyes or dancing toes back.  At Team Timm Photography we are honored to be a part of your family’s story- to document those precious moments that you’ll hold onto late into your twilight years and your kids will share fondly with their own children.

Every family and every photo session is a completely unique experience.  We want to know what makes this particular moment in time important and why we’re capturing it.  The best way to do that is to sit down and talk to you.  This is why we INSIST on a consultation with you before every photo session.  We’ll discuss the details and how we can create beautiful artwork that captures your love, joy, and give you a personalized experience as unique as you and your family.

In the interest of keeping things simple we’ve listed the main types of photo sessions that we offer.  Our standard photo session fee is $250.  If you don’t see what you’re interested in on this list please don’t hesitate to contact us!!  We love a challenge and we love new experiences. We would be delighted to see how we can turn your ideas into reality.

Types of Sessions


Lifestyle Newborn



Of course once the photo session is complete you’ll be wanting your photos in some format.  We offer both digital and printed products, however as a company (and a mom!) we strongly urge you to focus on printed products.  Seeing your family photos on the wall as your children grow will strengthen your soul, show your children and family how important they are to you, and will only grow more valuable as the years slip by.  Of course in this digital age we can’t deny the value of digital products, especially for sharing with friends and family on all the various social media platforms.  We have included these products along with the full copy-write digital files as options for purchase.

Digital Products

Social Media Digital Images

Full Resolution Digital Images with copy-write

Printed Products

Professional Prints

Wall Art




At your initial consultation we’ll discuss all the details of your photo session such as: where, when, attire, helpful tips, and a brief over view of the different medians you can enjoy your photos on, etc.  After this meeting we’ll meet up at a later date and time for the actual photo session.

This is where the magic happens and is honestly what we live for at Team Timm Photography.   Relax, be yourselves and follow our instructions as we move you around to take advantage of the natural environment around us.  After we’ve had our fun you can head home to relax and we’ll head back to the office to begin the hard work.

Knowing that these photos are more than simple candids, we’re going to go through each and every file with a fine tooth comb.  We’ll cull the ones that don’t meet our high standard and edit the ones that do.  Don’t worry when we say edit- we’re not big into over processing.  However we do like our backgrounds to be simple and not detract from you- so we’ll take the time to remove that “STOP” sign or the dead pot of plants whenever we can.  Because of our high standards and the pride we take in our work it usually takes us about 2 weeks to post process an entire photo session.

After we’re finished our work we’ll contact you to have a final meeting in which we’ll present you with your family artwork.  We’ll go through each photo together and discuss which ones speak to you and how you’ll most enjoy it over the years.  At the end of this meeting we’ll put together the final order for your digital and printed products.  We’ll place the order once we get back to the office and hand deliver them to you when they arrive.